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Why Weinor Smaila Awning?

The Smaila awning is stylish with a square look and slim cassette design for creating modern and contemporary outdoor spaces.

Also, it’s packed with features and technology to ensure your awning caters for all your needs. From, LED lights, wind sensor and heaters you will have a high performance awning that caters for different times of day and varying weather.

It's contemporary finish conceals fixings and screws with a sleek cubic look on trend with modern architecture.

Buy Weinor Smaila Awning in Cardiff or Bridgend?

Do you have any more questions about whether Weinor Smaila is the right awning for you? Then our expert sales team are on hand to help. Just get in touch with our Cardiff or Bridgend show rooms and we’ll be glad to provide assistance. Alternatively, try our quote tool for an indication on price.