Panel blinds are a versatile and contemporary way to control light, glare, view, and privacy in your home. Come see the range in our Cardiff & Bridgend Showrooms!

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What are Panel Blinds?

Panel blinds perfectly suit any home, but look especially stunning when paired with large windows or patio doors, or used as a room divider to create new spaces to work, rest and play.


Why Choose Panel Blinds?

Panel blinds can add a touch of style to larger windows or patio doors in contemporary or traditional rooms.

Our range of colours and designs can make any room look spacious and relaxing. The wide panels reflect and filter the natural daylight so you take advantage of natural lighting.

It is also a creative and stylish way to divide rooms creating a contemporary and relaxing feel to any personal or commercial space. The panels can also open to make the divided rooms in to one large open space. The panels stack neatly behind each other making it a versatile furnishing in your home or commercial premises.


Buy Panel Blinds in Cardiff or Bridgend

Interested in panel blinds for your home? Book an appointment to see the wide range of fabrics and styles at our Cardiff Showroom. Alternatively, try our Quick Quote system to explore the options available for your window.