14th October 2018

Choosing the best blinds or curtains for your home

It might not be the first thing on your mind when you start renovating or re-decorating your home  – but the blinds or curtains you choose make an impact on the look and feel of the finished space.

When decorating your home it’s worth remembering that the tiny touches make a world of difference. The blinds or curtains you choose can make a room feel small and dull, or bright and beautiful – and different rooms will have different demands of their window dressings. Read our tips on picking the best blinds or curtains for home to learn how to make the most of every room.

Measure Up 

Before you begin to think about the curtains or blinds you want to use – you need to measure the space they’ll be used in. Window dressings that are too small will let light creep in and too big could swamp your window frame and your room.

However, some interior designers recommend buying curtains that are a few inches too long in order to hang them higher on the wall, bringing a sense of height to the room, and increasing the drama in the fall of the fabric. For a traditional look, some recommend allowing 2-3 inches for puddling, whereas more modern styles generally aim to just brush the floor.

Read the Room

Different rooms will have different demands on their window hangings. Bedrooms benefit from blackout blinds or curtains that aid a good night’s rest, where bathrooms and kitchens suit simpler, robust styles that are easy to maintain. Consider privacy when picking the fabric you use; opting for sheer styles will allow in more light, but provide less privacy than a heavier fabric.

Our range of faux wood Venetian blinds are wipe clean, fire retardant and moisture resistant, making them the ideal choice for high-traffic rooms such a kitchens and bathrooms. In rooms where you want to make  a statement – choose a more flamboyant style – like unique Vision blinds, or decadent triple pinch pleat curtains. And don’t forget to opt for blackout lining in rooms where you want less natural light.


Pick your Colour 

The colour you for a room can impact the mood of the people who use it.

Choose calming blues and pink hues for tranquil spaces, and bold reds and oranges to create energy and excitement. Cheerful yellows can boost positivity, while greens can bring the outside in, creating a sense of freedom. If you’re paring up curtains and blinds – to filter out light or insulate draughty windows, choose complimentary colours and patterns that are linked by a colour or style theme.

If you anticipate selling or renting the property soon, more neutral colours can encourage potential renters or buyers to see their own stamp on the property – where bright shades may deter them from seeing the place as their own.

Finally, in rooms with bright sunlight, remember that brighter colours will fade faster, so muted tones will last the longest.


Get Hands on! 

It’s worth testing out fabrics and styles before you make a decision – that’s why we invite customers for a free consultation at our Cardiff and Bridgend Showrooms before they purchase.

Test  fabrics by holding them up to a window – see how they block out the light, and for curtains, to see how they fall. Your chosen patterns and colours can look different in real life than on a computer screen, so even if you’re sure of what you want – it’s worth looking at the style in person if you can.


Go Hands Free!

Smart home technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds and blinds and curtains aren’t being left behind.

There are a range of automation options for homes available and if you’re renting or selling adding the latest mod-cons can help increase the value of your property.

Smart Home kits from Somfy allow you to control your curtains and blinds from an app – allowing you open and close them at the touch of a button, or select predefined times of day when you’d like to let in the light, or shut it out.