15th December 2020

How to choose the perfect blinds for your home?

The options are endless and here at Solar, we know it can be tough to select the perfect window dressings for your home. But selecting the right blind can transform your home overnight! 

Here are our handy guide and top tips on how to choose what blinds work best for your home…

Measure Up 

Before you measure for your blinds, consider whether you would like them to hang inside, or outside, the window recess. Inside is often better for small rooms, as it prevents the window treatment from overwhelming the space and making it appear smaller.  

For those larger rooms consider choosing a blind that hangs outside the window recess.

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Light & impact

When selecting your fabric and blind type, it’s important to consider your lighting needs and the impact you want to create.

For open spaces like lounges and dining rooms, allowing in the most light possible creates that perfect ambience. 

Sheer blinds like our Allusion range are made of elegant voile fabric, that allows in the light whilst maintaining your privacy. Flexible shades like our Vision blinds allow you to control the amount of daylight entering your home with 2 moving layers.

One size fits all? 

Consider that each of your rooms may require a different window treatment – one size fits all may not work for everyone. Bedrooms benefit from blackout blinds that support a good night’s sleep, where living rooms often require more natural light, making them better suited to thinner materials.

For rooms with bi-fold doors, you can make your windows into a feature with statement panel blinds.

For conservatories or rooms with awkwardly shaped windows, more bespoke solutions such as our perfect fit pleated blinds are ideal. These blinds fit into a frame that clips onto the window, allowing the blinds to move along with your window or door, no drilling or screwing required!

Test, Test, Test!

Test out fabrics and styles before you make that big decision. We recommend testing fabrics by holding them up to a window to see how well they block or diffuse light. 

Whether it’s a classic or modern blind, make sure that it matches the style of your home whether that be traditional or contemporary.  

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