17th December 2019

New Year New Decor

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that inspires us to make changes, to habits, our style, or our home.

If you’re looking to re-decorate for 2020 (be it a total makeover, or just a little sprucing up) follow our tips below.

Time for Change

You’re the ultimate judge of whether it’s time for change in your home. If the interior you have is no longer makes you happy, then maybe it’s time for a new look. To take a leaf from the book of interior sensation Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t bring you joy, thank it for what it meant to you, and move on.

Compare how your home looks at present to your style goals on Pinterest or the dream home in your mind. If there’s a huge gap between the style you want and the one you have, maybe it’s time to make a few changes.

Some experts recommend updating rooms every 3-4 years but recommend a little freshen up 12-24 months, even if that’s just to add a fresh coat of paint. Checking on the health of your furnishings is also a great clue as to whether it’s time to change, if your curtains and blinds are looking faded, or your furniture is looking a little too-well loved, it might be time to give that room a makeover.

Total Re-haul

Big changes can be scary – but they make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

A statement wall adds a real impact to a room, and will instantly make a noticeable difference to your décor. Choose a colour that matches with existing room accessories to intensify your chosen colour scheme, or throw out the old and go for a totally new colour!

Changing up your window hangings can re-invigorate a room. Swapping blinds for curtains can make a room feel extra cosy, while switching to blinds or shutters can brighten up a space. Alternatively, a brightly patterned roller blind or eyelet curtain  can add a splash of colour to a room, while our more subtle Duette blinds gently infuse any room with a warm glow – creating a calm and cosy atmosphere.

For big high impact change, consider changing your flooring. Switching your kitchen floor from bare wood or plain tile to something patterned and colourful can give the room a stylishly bohemian look. Alternatively, stripping away carpets in the living room or bedroom can make a room look more spacious, while giving it a gorgeously Nordic vibe. Just remember to polish up those floorboards if they’ve been hiding under carpet for a while.

Simple Spruces

If you’re in the mood for a freshen up but don’t have the time or resources for a full redecorate – there’s plenty of creative ways you can breathe a little new life into your home.

Adding vinyl stickers to your walls can introduce a stylish new feature to a room for relatively little cost. However, be careful when applying – a steady hand is required!

Re-arranging the furniture in your living room can give your lounging a new lease of life. Think of the layout in a hotel lobby, where chairs and sofas are angled to encourage conversation, and aim for a similar sense of intimacy – where your sofa and chairs “talk to each other” at angles that invite relaxed chat.

An excellent way to light up a room and create space with little expense is by adding a mirror to the décor. Hang in the lounge around the fireplace, or add a free-standing mirror to the bedroom to create a brighter feel in the room. Hang near a window to bounce light around the room and open up your space.

If you’re feeling crafty, give old furnishings and fixtures a new lease of life with a little TLC! Sanding and repainting old shelves and cupboards can bring them back to life, and new quirky knobs and handles can add character to furniture that looks a little drab. If you’re brave enough, you can even re-spray light fixtures to brighten up silver, gold or copper.

Choosing Colours

Colours carry a lot of significance in terms of how people feel when in a room, so changing up your colour scheme can make a big impact. You can do this with new accessories and accents, or go bold and repaint the walls!

Blue rooms create a feeling of calm and serenity. If you want to introduce a peaceful atmosphere into a room in your home that sees a lot of activity then a pale shade of blue can be the answer. Try something with pink or lilac undertones to create the perfect sense of relaxation and positivity while keeping a feeling of warmth.

To make a room feel more cheerful, try injecting a little yellow. This colour reminds us of the suns rays, making us feel more positive and energized. Pale shades can make a space feel expansive and welcoming, while bold pops of yellow in accessories and furnishings create sunny little spots in a room.

Red hues add energy to a room, so if you’re a serial entertainer, consider red for your lounge or dining room. This shade draws peoples together, and stimulates conversation by creating an air of excitement. Dark shades look particularly luxuriant when illuminated by lamp-light, where bright tones create a strong impression.

Trends for 2020

  1. Abstract Energy – This style is fun and free-spirited, mixing pops of colour with bold geometrics and hand-drawn shapes.
  2. Structured Simplicity – This trend draws on the Nordic style that’s been so popular for 2019 with a new, slightly more polished edge. Choose warm neutrals and contrast fluffy textures with clean lines.
  3. Eclectic Glamour – This look brings 2019s love for retro firmly into 2020. Looks for 20s deco shapes paired with rich tones like navy and ochre.
  4. Bold & Burnished – Bold but warm tones like terracotta, burnt orange and mustard yellow are having their time in 2020. Go for accessories in comfy textures like corduroy, or add some luxurious curtains in a warm ochre.

For more tips and tricks for decorating your home – check out our other blogs, or our Pinterest.