14th March 2019

Blinds or curtains – which to choose for your home?

Restyling your home requires a lot of big decision making – including deciding between blinds or curtains for your windows. While it may not seem like a big decision compared to knocking through a wall, or repainting in a new shade – the way you shade your windows can have an impact on the look and feel of every room in the home.

Read our tips below to make sure you make the right choice for your needs.


Do Curtains or Blinds Suit Your Look?

While looks aren’t everything – they are pretty important when it comes to decorating. So the first thing you need to think about when choosing between blinds and curtains is the look you want to achieve.

Curtains can add drama to a room – as they sweep dramatically over your windows. Pairing bold, luxurious fabrics with an elegant style – such as triple pinch pleat curtains – can create a sumptuous look for any room. Curtains can also create a sense of warmth and coziness, as their soft, flowing folds hug your windows – adding a little extra length at the ends can heighten this effect. More classic in style, curtains bring a traditional kind of glamour to the home.

Blinds tend to create a more chic and contemporary window – with styles like our vision blind providing a unique statement for your home. Blinds can be more versatile than curtains with a wider range of styles from roller to vertical, giving you more options for your window. Blinds can also help create the illusion of more light and space in the home, by folding back further into the window and making it appear larger. Modern, funky and versatile, blinds can make a bold statement in your home, or serve as a quiet, stylish window dressing.

Which Offer Better Light & Privacy Control?

Depending on the room you’ll have different demands on your window dressings.

In rooms where lots of natural light is important – like kitchens and studies, blinds offer maximum light control – as you can tilt and angle vanes to let in more or less light, and block out the outside world as much as you need. Our Visage and Mirage blinds ranges allow you to move transparent layers over your window to softly diffuse light and create more privacy as well as offering the traditional open and closed positions.

In rooms where blocking out light and sound is more important – like the bedroom, curtains come into their own. Our lined and blackout curtain options help remove light and sound intrusions that might disturb your peaceful nights sleep.


Which are Best for Keeping Clean?

High traffic rooms in the home need robust, easy to clean window coverings.

Washable curtain fabrics can help deal with spots and stains, however, curtains are generally more expensive and difficult to clean than blinds. Wood effect or PVC blinds tend to be the best at holding up against rough and tumble – like our faux wood Venetian blinds which are wipe clean, flame retardant and moisture resistant.

For rooms where there’s moisture or grease in the air – wipe clean styles help prevent the build up of grime and faux wood options prevent warping caused by moisture.


Why Not Have Both Blinds and Curtains!?

If you have the window space (and the funds) why not have the best of both worlds and indulge in a stylish roman blind/curtain combination? All our curtain materials can be made into Roman blinds that perfectly match your curtain choice.


Making Your Final Choice

If you need help choosing between blinds and curtains for your home – our in-house interior design experts can help! Book an appointment with our friendly team today.