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20th August 2019
Natural light makes us feel healthy, energised and ready to focus, meaning it’s vital in the workplace. According to research…
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2nd August 2019
We all know that it’s important to choose colours wisely when painting rooms in your home. Light colours can make…
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23rd July 2019
Shutters can turn any window into a flattering feature, but before you buy new shutters for your home, there are…
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27th June 2019
Good weather is here- and along with it BBQs, trips to the beach, and feeling hot & sticky where ever…
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28th May 2019
Having brand new window furnishings can give your home a makeover - but to keep your windows looking beautiful, blinds, curtains…
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9th May 2019
Working from home and flexible working is a rising trend in the UK - in 2015 over 4 million people…
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