21st February 2020

Getting your home spring ready

There’s something about spring that makes us want to give our interiors a little makeover. Winter has overstayed its welcome and we are all ready for the new beginnings that Spring will bring.

As nature comes to life give your interior a refresh with our simple tips:  

Freshen up the air

That big spring clean will have removed those winter smells but adding scented candles to key rooms is a great way to freshen up your home. The scent of a floral candle will set you up perfectly for spring. Why not add a bright coloured candle that will compliment your room and look as good as they smell! 

The power of paint

Without doubt paint is the most transformative tool at your disposal this spring. It can be an inexpensive way to achieve eye-catching results.White walls can keep your room looking fresh through the seasons so it’s time to think outside of the box for that dramatic and bold change that you want. Think about the impact a bright red doorframe or bold olive green windowsill could bring to your room. 

Understanding your colours here is imperative – dark colours tend to absorb light and offer less reflection, warm colours gravitate our mind to sunlight and heat, whereas those cooler colours of blue and green tend to take our mind to sky and water. Blend your colours right with your white walls and you will revitalise your space instantly. 

Flower power

Add that splash of spring with a vase of flowers in every room for a natural look.  Flowers can spruce up a room in a snap – not only do they brighten a space but can also lift your mood. It’s a given that they will add colour and a personal touch to your interior but some flowering plants can even filter and clean your air also! 

Focus on your window

Windows are key to a house’s spirit and are easily taken for granted.  Making them your focal point is a great way to transform your whole room.   A classic way to make an eye focus on your windows is through choosing the right dressing – whether that be those boldly printed statement curtains or those classic elegant white shutters.

Spring is always a good time for that refreshing interior change. Check out our pinterest for more tips for decorating your home.