9th May 2019

How to decorate your home office

Working from home and flexible working is a rising trend in the UK – in 2015 over 4 million people worked from home – and this number continues to rise. With more flexible working options available, the need for peaceful and productive spaces in the home is rising too! Read our tips below to help you create a home office space that maximizes your productivity.

Create Some Space

You don’t need to have a dedicated room to create a home office, but it is useful to create a little space for yourself – so you can separate your relaxing “home” space from your focused “work” space.

If you have a room to spare, closing the door is often enough to shut you off from being in “home” mode, but if your office is in the corner of a bedroom or lounge space, making some subtle design markers to separate it from the rest of the room can be helpful. Add some key pieces of furniture or foliage – to create a barrier between your office space and relaxation space.

If you can, try and position yourself with your back to the room, and preferably near a window. This helps keep you distraction free – no looking at the TV – and can help maintain a distance between the space used for relaxing and for working.

Cut the Clutter

A tidy workspace makes for a tidy mind- but home offices can get cluttered fast. Think about the things you’ll need for your office before you start investing in drawers and bins and organisers. Like to make notes? Make sure you’ve got a draw or tray full of scrap paper for jotting. Have all the gadgets? Invest in some cable tidies to keep the space neat.

Tidying away thoroughly after working hours have finished can also help de-clutter your mind of work-worries, and help you clear your head before moving into “home” mode. Making sure there’s no papers or plans left lying around can also prevent you from drifting back to unfinished business during your relaxing time – keeping work and home separate.

Let the Light In

Having good lighting is essential for focus and a positive working experience. Ideally, you’ll want as much natural light as possible in your office, as this boosts your mood and concentration – and can make a small office space feel bigger and brighter.

Try and position yourself near or facing a window – but be aware of screen glare and eye strain.

Our Vision blinds feature two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric that slide over each other to soften excess daylight and reduce glare – and ideal solution for enjoying natural light without eye strain.

If privacy is a concern, soft, thin curtains can help let in light while blocking the view of passers-by. Our Allusion blinds range features unique flowing fabric that allows you to enjoy natural light without compromising on your privacy.

Pick your Colour 

We’ve written a few articles before about the symbolism of colour, but it bears repeating – the colour you for a room can impact how you think and feel when you’re in it. So when you’re creating a home office space – it’s worth paying attention to colour.

Greens make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and create a feeling of space in a room. Adding a green splash to your office can help you feel refreshed – especially useful if you’re in a small room- aiding your concentration.

Yellows evoke optimism and cheerfulness – ideal for creating a positive attitude to your work.

Both oranges and purples can help evoke creativity. Orange, like yellow brings a sunny aspect to the room, while softer purples like lavender can create a more relaxing, calm environment to get imaginative.

If you have a whole room, use these colours to influence the blinds or curtains you choose, the paintings you pick – you could even paint the walls in your chosen colour. If you only have a small space within a room, small colourful touches, like a desk clock, plant pots or organisational accessories can help – just try and choose a shade that flatters the decor!

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