24th April 2023

How to Make the Perfect Soothing Bedroom This Summer

As Billy Baldwin once said “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you like is ever out of date.” Whether it be patterned everything or neutral and traditional if it works for you then you have your dream interior.

According to a survey carried out by Houzz homeowners in the UK spent, on average, £18,000 on renovation projects in 2018.  With 75% of us renovating to improve our homes look and feel. Bedroom renovation led the way in 2018 so in today’s blog we take a look at how you can create that perfect soothing sleep environment.


Why spruce up your bedroom for summer?

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, it’s essential to make sure your bedroom is a comfortable and soothing place to rest. After all, a good night’s sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

The summer months can bring with them a range of sleep-disrupting factors, from increased heat to longer daylight hours. However, making a few simple changes to your bedroom can help mitigate these issues and create a more soothing and relaxing space. Sprucing up your bedroom this summer can help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. To assist you in creating the perfect sleep environment, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that you can use.


Which window treatments to consider for summer

One of the most effective ways to create a cool and calming sleep environment during the summer is by choosing the right window treatments. For example, opting for light-coloured curtains or blinds can help reflect the sun’s rays and keep your room cooler. You might also want to consider investing in blackout curtains or blinds, which can block out the light and help you sleep better during those early summer mornings.


Don’t be afraid to play with patterns

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun and playful patterns in your bedroom decor. From floral prints to geometric designs, incorporating patterns into your bedding or curtains can add a touch of whimsy and create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. Just make sure to choose patterns that are calming and soothing rather than overly stimulating.

Although, are you keen to use pattern but afraid your serenity will disappear? Then why not choose one pattern to use throughout the room. A botanical fabric can be used in pillows, scatter cushions and on your window drapes creating much interest whilst protecting the peacefulness.


Spruce up with classic white

If patterns aren’t your thing, you can never go wrong with classic white. This timeless colour can create a clean and refreshing feel in your bedroom, perfect for the summer months. You might want to try swapping out your duvet cover, pillowcases, or curtains for white alternatives to create a calming and serene environment.

For that clean crisp look choose pristine white shutters. Not only are they elegant but wooden shutters are functional and will ensure you maintain that peaceful environment by blocking out light and reducing noise. The styling of your shutters will be influenced by how you want to operate them and how much light or privacy you want in your room.  The most traditional style is the full height shutter, which covers the entire window or for that modern twist you could choose cafe style shutters covering the bottom of your window to let that morning sunshine in.


Adjust light with layer curtains and blinds

Finally, it’s essential to consider the lighting in your bedroom during the summer. As the days get longer, it can be harder to fall asleep when it’s still light outside. Layering curtains and blinds can help you adjust the amount of light that enters your bedroom, allowing you to create the perfect level of darkness for optimal sleep. If you prefer natural light, try using sheer curtains to diffuse the sunlight and create a soft and gentle ambiance.

If blinds is more your look, at Solar we would recommend either roller or venetian as they pair best with drapes.  Combining blinds and curtains will do wonders for the perception of your window size and make a real style statement.

Or, if you already have shutters in your bedroom then even softening those shutters with light curtains will create a great summer feel and look.


Create a peaceful bedroom for healthy sleep

The phrase you often hear “We only sleep in it” – is exactly why we should invest more into making this the calmest and comfiest room in our house. Your mind and body should be put to rest here.

We believe creating the perfect sleep environment this summer is all about making small changes to your bedroom decor and incorporating elements that soothe and calm. From choosing the right window treatments to playing with patterns and colours, there are plenty of ways to create a serene and relaxing space that will help you get a good night’s sleep. So, go ahead and spruce up your bedroom this summer – your body will thank you for it!