9th November 2018

How to measure for blinds

Well-fitted blinds give any room the perfect finishing touch it deserves. We’ve been creating the mood with beautiful blinds for 30 years – so we’ve learned a few tricks on measuring to ensure you get the perfect effect from your new window furnishings.


Know Which Blinds Suit Your Windows

Different types of window create different options for hanging your blinds. Before you begin measuring you’ll need to consider whether you want your blinds to hang on the inside or outside of the window.

Hanging blinds inside the window can create a clean look, where the blind fits flush with the sides of the window. However, remember when measuring that you need to take into consideration any brackets or mechanisms the blinds need to function. If you have recessed windows, you’ll need to choose your style based on what will fit inside the recess.

Hanging your blinds outside the window is a simpler option that can help make your windows look longer and wider. This style requires an even amount of space to be accounted for on either side of the window frame so the blind falls evenly across your window. If you’re not sure that your windows are deep enough to hold mounting brackets, it’s safest to opt for this style.


Take Multiple Blind Measurements

Even the most experienced DIY-er can note measurements down wrong sometimes, so we say it’s always best to take a few goes just in case.

We’d recommend measuring your windows at the top, middle and bottom to make sure you’ve got the numbers correct – and to double check any measurements you’re unsure of. If you’ve opted for vertical blinds, we suggest making a diagonal measurement too.

If you’re going for blinds inside the window, you’ll need to pick the thinnest/shortest measurement you take to ensure the blind fits. With outside the window, you’re better taking the longest and widest measurement – and adding on an extra inch for good measure- to ensure your window is completely covered.

Don’t worry about making deductions for brackets etc – we’ll factor that in when we’re making your order.


Top Tips for Measuring Blinds

Use a metal tape measure if you can. Cloth tapes can stretch or sag – meaning your measurements are less accurate.

Consider obstacles around your windows, such as chairs or radiators next to the window, or handles and air vents on the window frame, and make sure your measurements work around these.

Don’t assume all your windows are the same size – even if they look similar there could be a few inches difference – so make sure you measure each window you need blinds for.


Don’t Panic! We Can Measure Your Blinds

If you’re not confident measuring for yourself – don’t worry. We offer an at home consultation service where our friendly blinds experts will help you find the perfect fit.

Get in touch with our friendly team today.