16th April 2019

How to measure for shutters

Shutters enhance the decor of your interior like no other window treatment. Combining superlative design with timeless style, our shutter collections can transform ordinary windows into highlights of the home.

Find out tips and tricks below on how to measure for shutters for your home – and don’t forget if you get stuck, our friendly team are on hand to measure up for you at one of our at-home consultations.

Choose your shutter style

Before you begin to measure for your new shutters, it’s worth giving some consideration to the type of shutters that would best suit the room and the style of your home decor.

Wooden Shutters offer high quality bespoke solutions for a truly custom made feel. Our Hardwood Collection is robust, engineered against warping and available in a variety of paints and finishes. We also offer Premium Wooden options for a truly timeless look.

MDF Shutters offer a more affordable route into shutter style. Our Seattle range is polymer coated and extremely durable – ideal for high traffic areas in the home.

Vinyl Shutters offer a robust, moisture resistant and wipe clean solution for areas where moisture is present – such as bathrooms or kitchens. Our Hollywood range is made from durable ABS (used to make crash helmets!) and comes in 6 stylish finishes.

Once you’ve picked the material – next you’ll need to think about the style of the shutters.

Full Height shutters cover the window completely, and open and close as one complete block. These are ideal for areas where you’ll want total privacy.

Tier on Tier shutters allow you to operate different sections of the shutter independently – you can open the top level of the shutters to let light in, while keeping the bottom closed for privacy. These shutters offer more flexibility in areas where you want to create privacy while allowing in natural light.

Measuring for standard windows

When measuring for standard windows you’ll first need to decide if you want the shutters mounted inside or outside the window.

When measuring for an inside mount, you need to measure the depth of the window (to ensure there is space for the mount) and pay close attention to any potential obstructions to the shutter movement (like protruding window catches and locks).

When measuring for either type of standard shutter; measure the width of the window and the height of the window from top to bottom. We’d recommend measuring everything at least twice – in order to make sure the numbers are 100% correct.

Measuring for bay windows

When measuring for bay windows, you’ll need to measure the width of each section of the window (from the outer edge of the frame to the first angle, and from each angle to the next) there will often be a little cut line in the window sill to mark these spots.

The measurement of all these sections added together will create the measurement for the width of the window.

Measure the height from the top to the bottom of the window frame.

Remember to measure everything twice if you can – and if the maths gets a bit complicated – fear not – our friendly team are happy to come round and help you measure up!

Measuring for oddly shaped windows

For oddly shaped windows, we’ll need the measurements for the widest section of the shaped aspect (often a circle). We’ll also need a height measurement that takes in the highest part of the window, so we can make sure your new shutters cover everything.

Remember to measure everything twice if you can – and if it gets a bit fiddly – our friendly team are happy to come round and help you measure up!

Get an expert opinion.

It is important to get your measurements right, to ensure your shutters look perfect when installed. If in doubt, our team are happy to help you out! Book an appointment with one of our fitters today, and we’ll measure your windows for you.