2nd February 2021

Make your house a home

You walk into some homes and they just have it don’t they? That X factor, they feel inviting, sophisticated and cosy all at the same time. They are also a true reflection of their owner – style and personal touches perfect that look. 


Read on for our top inspirational tips for creating that much desired homely environment… 


  • Lighting – it’s a cliche but lighting really is everything! Get it right and your whole interior can be transformed. This is where we recommend you start and should be a huge part of your design focus. Avoid blue-tinted or bright white lights, and opt for those that offer a softer glow. Make your lighting work harder for you by adding intriguing shades, arranging tealights and candles, or hanging fairy lights for instant effect. 


  • Take inspiration from the places you love – if relaxing and cosiness is high on your agenda then take inspiration from those environments that make you unwind and relax – the spa for example. Add candles, gentle lighting, simple colours. Reminisce and think back to places you may have traveled to, hotels you have stayed in and reflect on their styles and what made you feel completely at home. This will evoke emotion and allow you to bring those memories back to your home. After all your home is about you!


  • Create a mood board – revitalise your interiors by taking inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Go with your gut and create an environment that shouts you.  Once you have pulled your board together you will begin to see the look that best suits your home.  We recommend thinking about your paint colour last rather than letting it define your room – find the furniture and touches you love and work backward from there.


  • Add finishing touches – the icing on the cake, the fun bit! Cushions, throws, plants, elegant shutters can all make a huge difference to creating that perfect environment. Simplicity is key here – it can be as easy but effective as organising the spines of your books by colour or filing that plain wall you’ve been staring at for years with art or your memories. 


Our homes are always a work in progress and will evolve as we evolve as people, don’t be afraid to express your personality and create an environment that reflects you as a person – by doing that you’ll have made your house a home.