15th December 2018

Making your home more energy efficient

It’s the time of year when everyone’s looking to turn the heating up, at the same time they need to save their pennies ready for Christmas. Read our guide on making your home more energy efficient, saving your money and the planet!


Keep the Heat in 

A well-insulated home is a warm home – and there’s plenty of ways you can keep in the heat.

An insulated loft can save you an average of £160 per year in wasted heating. Similarly, insulating cavity walls can offer a yearly heating saving of £180 and reduce your carbon emissions by up to a tonne!

Windows are a key place the home loses heat – especially if you don’t have double glazing. Investing in blackout curtains can reduce thermal loss in the home by up to 25%. A number of our stylish curtains can be blackout or thermal lined, helping you keep the heat in, and reduce your energy bills!


Keep Track of your energy use 

The better track you can keep of your energy use, the better you’ll know how to reduce it. A number of gas and electricity companies offer smart meters and energy monitors for free, or you can buy one  for around £30.  It’s definitely a worthwhile investment; British Gas research shows that keeping track of energy use via a monitor can reduce your yearly bills by up to £110!


Make the Most of the Natural light

As the nights draw in, the lights go on and the electricity bills go up. While sometimes it’s unavoidable to use artificial lighting, curtains or blinds that let the winter sun in can help minimize your electricity bills.

Our Allusion or Vision blinds allow you total control over the amount of light in the home while maintaining your privacy.


Speed up that Shower

People often underestimate the amount of water wasted during showering; some power showers can use more water in 5 minutes than a whole bath!

To improve your energy efficiency,  cut down the time you spend in the shower. Timers are available online that can help you keep to a schedule when showering.

But, if you just can’t be without your long morning shower,  consider investing in a water saving shower head. Available for less than £30 these gadgets save over 9,000 litres of water per year; making your morning shower guilt-free (and much more cost effective).


Get on time! 

Smart home technology is here to make our lives easier – but did you know it can make them greener too? Using timed automation on blinds and curtains can help reduce your energy bills by using natural light to warm the home, then holding the heat in when the sun disappears.

Using our timed systems you can set your blinds or curtains to open during the day, allowing the winter sun to warm your home, and close as the evening draws in, holding in the heat and keeping your home toasty ready for your arrival!