6th November 2020

Our top tips for Autumn interiors

Hands up if 2020 has been a tough year? It won’t come as a surprise to see most interior trends being centered around ensuring the home remains a relaxing and calming environment as we head into the colder months. 

Here are our top tips for stunning interiors this Autumn:

Get 2021 ready with Dulux’s colour of the year! 

Brave ground – a neutral shade offers a calm serene effect for any room in your home, connecting with nature and those simple things in life encouraging a stress-free environment for all. 

Combine with Dulux balanced and neutral colours to create a natural home office or mix warm shades for that stand out bedroom; the options are endless.  Why not add our latest Urban shutters in a neutral colour into your home to add that timeless elegance. 

50 shades of green yes green!

Olive, sage, mint, grey-green and khaki – you name it, it’s appearing in many 2020 interior trends from carpets to walls and window decorations. The right green offers endless possibilities – it can be used to fulfill your desire for more green space and nature or to channel your inner peace, balance and harmony.

Think Pink!

Sophistication and refined glamour are the words here, rose pink and pewter mix together to create a chic look this autumn. Pink is inviting and effortless to decorate with – almost becoming a neutral colour and the backdrop of many a glamorous window dressing. 

Making space appear bigger this Autumn! 

There are lots of ways to trick the eyes into thinking your space is larger than it is.  Make a small room look taller by hanging shelves higher up on the walls.

To make a room appear wider, pull furniture like sofas, TV’s or desks away from the walls slightly, providing the desired feeling of space. 

Using stripes in your decorating can help a room appear higher – depending on which way you use them! Orient the stripes on your furnishing or painting to match the longest/tallest part of the room – drawing the eye in that direction.

Pink, green, brave ground which trend will you be?