21st November 2019

Styling Your Dining Room for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for gathering the family together around the table, to share some joy and laughter and delicious food! Apart from the tree, the dining room tends to be the center of activities around winter – so read below for some styling tips to get your dining room ready for the Christmas rush!

Pick a Theme

 When it comes to styling any room in the house – picking a theme is the first step to create something perfect polished.

There’s a myriad of options to choose from for Christmas table styles, from classic red and gold to Scandi minimalist or modern coppers. If you pick a theme that works with your present décor, you’re bound to have a hit on your hands. For rooms rich in glamour elegant white and gold is the perfect touch, whereas warmer red and white works with rustic or farmhouse style rooms. Modern minimalist styles lend themselves to white on white décor or scandi touches for something simple yet stunning.

The important thing is, to pick your style and stick to it! If you’re stuck, you can rarely go wrong with classic white with splashes of green foliage.

Make it Cosy

Soft lighting and cuddly furnishings make for a cosy Christmas feeling in any room. Try adding a few extra candles at the table, or running fairly lights along your table runner to make your table look merry and bright.

A festive wreath is often the perfect touch for a Christmas table, and with a candle or two in the center you can help create a lovely glowing environment for your guests to dine in. Baubles also make excellent festive place holders, as do sprigs of wintery greens – like holly – tied to a napkin with a length of ribbon.

If you have a living room/diner, lay out a few blankets or comfy cushions on the sofa to create a chilled-out space for guests to cuddle up after dinner and enjoy a chocolate or two and a glass of mulled wine. A blanket laid over your sofa cushions does the double duty of looking inviting and protecting your soft furnishings from spilled drinks or chocolate-y fingers!

A sumptuous pair of curtains can help create a cosy feeling in any room, especially when paired with a thick fabric. Opting for lining in your curtains can also help warm the room against the winter chill, create a comfy haven for your guests. Luxaflex’s Duette blinds gently diffuse natural light to create a soft, warm glow in any room- and their insulating fabric will help hold in heat when it’s cold outside.

Be Practical

While a stylish table in important – your table also has to be practical. Layered centerpieces look amazing – but don’t block your guests’ views of one another. Ideally, your table décor should accentuate the meal, but not be the focus on it. Similarly, if you’re trying to fit a lot of people into a relatively small space, laying the table for 4 courses may cause more of a squash than necessary, so keep side plates to a minimum and pop spare cutlery in a jug or glass.

It’s also worth considering the wear and tear on your table – don’t forget heat proofs mats for hot dishes, and ensure your guests use coasters to protect against watermarks!

Let there be light!

When enjoying a meal with friends or family, you want to ensure your guests can see their plates – and each other!

Base your lighting around your dining table to make sure your dinner is appropriately lit. Pendant lighting just above the dining table is ideal for creating a cosy, intimate glow – with the bottom of the light no less than 36 inches above the table. However, if you don’t have pendant lights in place, pull close a freestanding lamp to cast a glow over your diners. Warm lights at the ends of the dining table, combined with candles or fairy lights in the centerpiece can create a little halo around your guests, creating a cosy and cheerful feeling.

If you have large windows or bi-fold doors in your dining room, our Allusion blinds or vertical blinds allow you to enjoy the winter sunshine or the last of the evening light without compromising on privacy. Tilt and turn your blinds to create cosy feeling that diffuses the natural light, or open your blinds to enjoy the wintery view. Our Mirage and Vision blinds also allow total light control, with independently moving layers that give you total flexibility of light and privacy – as well as making a stylish stripy statement!

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