22nd October 2019

Styling your spare room

Christmas is slowly approaching and along with it are visits from relatives and friends spreading festive season cheer. If your spare room is in need of a little lift before your visitors descend, read our tips below!


Make it Multi-functional

A spare bedroom is for life, and not just for Christmas, so to make the most of your extra space, invest in multi-functional furniture.

A sofa or day bed, for example, can give your spare bedroom life beyond guests, by providing a cosy place to cuddle up and read in peace and quiet. Similarly, an extend-able single bed with a frame can be turned into a cosy sofa with the addition of a few comfy cushions and throws.

An office desk can easily double as a dressing table with the addition of a bright desk lamp and a make-up mirror. If a power socket can be placed nearby, you have a perfect spot for plugging in laptops or hair tools!

Storage is also an important consideration, so furniture that does double duty is a must. Hydraulic beds or beds with storage offer convenient space for stowing guest bedding and towels or tucking away papers and files. If you don’t have space (or the funds) for a bed with storage, slot boxes underneath the bed-frame, for a neat way to keep things out of sight.

Before your guests arrive, the quick addition of some welcoming flowers (real or fake) will be sure to brighten up the room for their stay.


Be Bold!

Your spare bedroom is likely to be used a little less than other, high-traffic rooms in your home, you can afford to be a little bolder with the décor if you choose.

Perhaps pick a patterned wallpaper or bold feature wall colour? Or follow a theme such as Seaside, or Vintage Chic? If going all guns blazing into a bold style choice seems a bit much (after-all you may wish to also use the room as an office or dressing room in your less busy seasons), perhaps try a gently patterned/textured wallpaper behind the bed or roller blinds with a bold print or pattern.  


Good for Guests

The three things your guests will most likely need when they visit are a place to charge their phone, a full-length mirror, and a good night’s sleep.

Ensure there’s a convenient spot for phone charging near the bed if possible, and leave out the wifi code for younger users to get their internet fix from the comfort of their room. If you don’t have a conveniently placed socket, an extension lead will ensure your guests has enough spare for phones, hair stylers and any other electronics they may need.

A full-length mirror is a must for a spare room – and is especially ideal if you plan on using the room for a dressing room when your home is less full! You can save space by finding a free-standing mirror with a rail – for a convenient spot for your guests to hang their clothes – or if space is an issue, affix a mirror to the wardrobe or back of the door, so your guests can check out their outfit before they leave.


Give Your Guest a Good Night Sleep

Finally, (and arguably) most importantly, your guest will need a good night’s rest! Providing extra blankets and pillows can help your guest feel snug, especially if the room is further away from the warmth of the rest of your home. A soft light or lamp, can help the room feel cosy, and provide a useful reading light for guests who want to unwind with a book before bed.

When it comes to sleeping, investing in blackout blinds can ensure your guest slumbers through the night, undisturbed by street-lights or the sun peeping in. Lined curtains and blinds can also help to dull sounds from outside for a better night’s rest, so if your guest room faces a street, consider investing in lining to create more peace and quiet for visitors.

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