19th January 2023

Which are the Best Blinds for Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to open up any room and let in more natural light. But that extra sunlight can come with a downside—it makes it harder to keep your space private and well-shaded. That’s where blinds come in! With the right blinds, you can enjoy the benefits of bi-fold doors without worrying about too much sun exposure. However, on days you want to open the bi-fold doors to create more space and enjoy the sunshine you can simply roll up your blinds and keep them out of harm’s way.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of blinds available for bi-fold doors and which one might be best for your home.


bi-fold doors with blinds


Bi-fold Doors Basics

Before we jump into which type of blind is best for bi-folds, let’s quickly go over what a bi-fold door is. A bi-fold door is a type of door that consists of several panels connected by hinges that fold against each other when opened or closed. They are most often used as closet doors, but they can also be used as interior or exterior doors as well.


Benefits of Fitting Blinds on Bi-Fold Doors

The main benefit of fitting blinds on bi-fold doors is that it allows you to control how much light enters the space. Although, still keeping the aesthetic appeal of having a large opening and an unobstructed view when the door is open. Additionally, they help keep out pesky bugs while providing greater privacy than curtains or shades alone.


Which Design Best Suits Bi-fold Doors?

When it comes to choosing the right design for bi-fold doors there are four main options. These are roller blinds, Roman blinds, Perfect Fit Blinds and Venetian Blinds. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages so let’s explore them further below:

  • Roller Blinds – Roller blinds are easy to install. Also they provide complete coverage when closed and have minimal light leakage and come in a variety of fabrics. These features make them a great option for bi-fold doors. They can easily be rolled up or down depending on your needs so you can control how much light enters the space at any given time.
  • Roman Blinds – Roman Blinds offer a classic look with their pleated fabric panels that stack neatly when opened and close completely when drawn shut. Also, they offer more insulation than other types of window coverings. So, they can help reduce energy costs throughout summer months as well as in winter months by helping keep heat inside or outside depending on weather conditions outside.
  • Perfect Fit Blinds – Perfect Fit Blinds are perfect if you’re looking for something low maintenance. They offer minimal installation as they fit snugly into uPVC frames without needing any additional screws or nails. They provide excellent coverage when closed while still allowing some natural light through due to their mesh construction. This reduces glare levels inside compared to other types of window coverings such as Roller blinds and Roman blinds. These blinds tend to block out all light except what passes through gaps in folds during opening/closing motion respectively.
  • Venetian Blind -Venetian blinds offer flexibility when controlling how much light enters the space. This is thanks to their adjustable slats which can be adjusted up and down according to need. However, they may not offer full coverage from outside view due to gaps between slats when fully closed. This can make them less suitable for providing privacy than other types mentioned above like roller or Roman blind types respectively. Additionally, their metal construction means these will require more maintenance over time compared with other materials like plastic or fabric based alternatives.


Blinds are a Great Addition to Bi-fold Door

Choosing the right type of window covering for your bi-fold doors doesn’t have to be hard! All four options mentioned above have their own unique pros and cons. So take some time to consider which design best suits your needs before making your final decision. Whether you choose roller blinds, roman blinds, perfect fit blinds or venetian blinds, you’ll find yourself enjoying increased levels of convenience thanks to improved lighting control provided by these versatile window coverings.  This will not only bring balance back into any room but also help create beautiful aesthetics within home décor overall!