23rd July 2019

Choosing the best Shutters for your home

Shutters can turn any window into a flattering feature, but before you buy new shutters for your home, there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you choose the best shutters for your decor.

Read the Room

Shutters are a beautiful addition to any room in the home, however, different rooms might require different types or styles of shutter.

High-traffic rooms – or rooms that experience moisture and condensation – like kitchens and bathrooms, might be better served by easy-to-clean MDF or Vinyl Shutters.  In bedrooms and living rooms, where a cosy, peaceful environment is important, Wooden Shutters help to block out outside noise and retain heat, creating a soothing environment.

For rooms with unusual or awkwardly shaped windows Premium Wooden Shutters add bespoke elegance to any window shape.

Select Your Style

The styling of your shutter will be influenced by how you want to operate them, and how much light or privacy you want in the room.

The most traditional (and popular) style is the full height window shutter, which covers the entire window and is opened and closed as one unit. However, some models will feature a divider rail which allows you to tilt the top and bottom slats independently.

Cafe style shutters only cover the bottom portion of your window, leaving the top exposed to let sunlight in.

Tier on tier shutters cover the whole window, but the top and bottom section are totally independent of each other and can be opened and closed separately.

Measure Up 

Once you’ve decided on your type and style of shutter – next it’s time to measure up! We’ve created a handy guide on how to measure for shutters to help you get started. We also provide at home consultation and measurement services free of charge, so we can ensure the shutters you purchase are the perfect fit for your home.

Pick your Colour

The colour you for a room can impact the mood of the people who use it.

Some shutters will only be available in a selection of colours, depending on the style and material, but a wide range of shutter types can be painted in any colour you choose.

Light toned shutters in whites and yellow finishes can make a room look bright and cheerful, where darker tones like brown can make a room feel cosy and secure. Greens can create a feeling of balance and bring the outdoors in, where blues provide a sense of tranquillity. For living rooms, oranges can be ideal, as this colour is associated with communication.

Get Hands on!

It’s worth seeing your shutters in person before you make a decision – that’s why we invite customers for a free consultation at our Cardiff and Bridgend Showrooms before they purchase.

Your chosen style or colour can look different in real life than on a computer screen, so even if you’re sure of what you want – it’s worth looking at the style in person if you can.

For more information on our range of shutters – click here. Or to book your showroom appointment to browse the range – click here.